Saturday, July 2, 2011

Melinda, Sally, Stella, Sandy reunited in Italy

Today is my third day in Italy and I have already done so so much! I have already met a few of Stella's friends and I am learning more and more Italian and becoming so brave! Because I already know Spanish it helps me to understand Italian much better and I can understand 30% of what her friends are saying :) Here is what I have done so far :)
Day One: I got to stella's house which is unbelievable and met her parents and her sister who i fell in love with instantly. The house is HUGE and is in a neighborhood that is fenced in and all of the houses are so beautiful and antique looking :) She has an amazing garden and the room that I am staying in is fabulous! Here is a picture of the Garden, where I take naps and where we eat all the time!

The second picture is of a normal breakfast I eat, i know be jealous. It consists of, usually, bread and butter and a spread (my favorite is apricot) and then some juice and fresh fruit and maybe a cake. And of course, espresso, which i am in love with. I either just sip on an espresso shot or put some milk in it! :)
Anyways, after that we lazed around and i took a nap because i barely got any sleep on the plane, and me and stella went to her local market and got fresh peaches and a man offered me "flowers" for free, which was actually Basil leaves that he wrapped up in flowers for me and said "ciao bella" :) Then we went back home and stayed outside because it was beautiful and i love her garden so much. Stella has a big white lab, like very very light blonde named "merlino" and they call him "lino" sometimes and since i always call lili puppy i call merlina "canolino" since that means puppy in italian :)
Later on that day we went to the airport to get Melinda and Sally and we got a little lost on the way which was funny :) and then we ended the night by passssinnngg out because i was up for like a day straight.
Friday July 1, 2011
On Friday we all woke up and got ready to go into Rome for the day! we started off with a great breakfast of course and then headed to Rome! We took the train which was cool in itself and then we arrived in the "Piazza del popolo" here is a picture! 
 This is my beautiful foreigners! Melinda on the left and Stella on the right! Melinda is hungarian and Stella is italian :)
 And these are the spanish steps
 Here is stella and melinda and sally at our picnic in the park of italy that has that is the largest and is heart shaped! :) we saw a cute little soccer team from paris of like 10 year old boys haha
And here is my fabulous sandwich! :) <3
Then we went to the Trevi fountain and the Pantheon and in between we got Gelato at stella's favorite place in rome that has NUTELLA gelato! unbelievable :) so so so good. 
 thats me in front of the trevi fountain.. just like lizzie mcguire haha :)
 all my cute friends!
 we all threw some coins in there for good luck :) it was so so so hot so we all look terrible.
This is a panorama (not very good) of the pantheon! it is such a beautiful place! the marble on the ground is amazing and every statue is so so cool. there was one where the light was shining so amazing on it, and it is so cool because it is natural light from the whole from the top!
So i know this blog is really long but i still have so much more to say so stick with me! :) take a break and sip on some espresso or something :)
After we got back from Rome we all got ready really quick and ate a "fast dinner" that her mom made which was fresh salmon, salad, bread, and potatoes. it was unbelievable to me and sally and melinda and stella thought it was just plain! i cant believe it! they eat like that every day! Then we went to this concert at a palace that was a trio of clarinets that played mozart that only cost 9 euros!! it was amazing! although i was a little tired and kept falling asleep i still enjoyed it! :) the palace was right next to the teveri (tiber) river and st. pauls cathedral and the vatican city!! we got such amazing views on the palace. and it was where a pope would stay when there was war and there was a walkway that was secret and safe that all the popes walked through to get to the castle safely and we got to walk through it!!!! :) it was so unbelievable! we kept saying we could feel the popes hahaha and we could almost walk to the vatican city! Back at the castle me and sally snuck to the top and almost went on the roof but we got scared of getting kicked out! then afterwards we went around the river and walked around the met up with stella's friends and danced! we ended up staying out really late which was weird because we were so tired haha. but we danced and had fun and i had a few german beers actually and i ordered them once with the help of stella's boyfriend eduardo :) He is so nice and drives us around everywhere because stella doesnt have a car! they are so cute together :) and all of her friends are so gorgeous! :) and nice and try to speak as much english as they can. and they think the way i say eduardo is funny because i sound so american and they make me repeat it so much haha :) Anyways, i will stop here and tell you guys about my beach adventures on my next post and put up pictures of the palace and the night out! :) I miss you all and love you so much!! :)
<3 Love Sandra

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