Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rome: The city of flowers, walking, and pasta

I have decided that Rome is the city of flowers because literally everywhere you go there are so many beautiful beautiful flowers. Even on the highways! The city is so beautiful and the people are so nice, even if you ask for directions, they will gladly tell you and help you find your way :) I have fallen in love with Romans. It is so cool because you cal tell between and Roman and people from other parts of Italy, or even tourists :) I have been to the city a few more times and am so in love with it. There are always people bustling around, mostly tourists, and no one is rude if you accidentally bump them. I have learned to say "scuzi" a lot. Yesterday was by far my favorite day in Italy so far. We went into Rome about noon and met up with Stella's best friend Anna, who we went to Anzio with, and she is too nice. She joined us to go shopping for the day. What was so amazing about it was, it was a friday and it was so nice out and there werent so many people in the city! Both stella and anna were so amazed! the weather was fantastic, seeing as usually its about 96 degrees in the city! I got so many souvenirs for all my lovelies back at home and found some good things for myself. But that wasnt what made it so perfect. What did is that I saw rome in a totally different light. We stopped by small bookstores, small clothing stores, local restaurants, and local paper stores. There was this one bookstore that had so many old old books and stella and anna told me about this book that i must read when i get back to america :) Then for lunch we stopped by this placed called "Pastificio" which means the place where you make the pasta, and it was so small and sold fresh pasta and all you did was pay 4 euros and you got a huge to go box of pasta, and you just sat in the tiny store, if there was room, and ate it and drank wine and water for free!! it was amazing :) and the pasta was amazing as well! then we met up with her cousin and walked around some more :) i dont know, the whole day was just fantastic. Even dinner was amazing, we were laughing the whole time with her family. I have grown to love them so much, all their little quirks and attributes are so amazing and i wish i could stay here longer to get to know them. But i am coming home in 3 days!! :) i am happy so happy and a little sad that i will be leaving this house and this family and stella :( But i have had such a fantastic time so far!

After Stella's neck accident we stayed at home most of the days, except for once i went out to a market with her mother, Beate, and the next day went to another market with stella's boyfriend, Edoardo! He is too nice to me :) he picked me up from the train station and took me to the market :) Also, one night we went out to eat (my first time here) with a few of stella's friends from tennis and hung out with them afterwards :) One day, after Stella's neck was feeling better, we went to a small lake and played poker and swam a little with stella's boyfriend, and two of her good friends Jerome and Giorgio! Also, we have been watching harry potter almost every night to prepare for the FINAL movie which we are going to on monday with a couple of her friends! :) I am dressing up with stella a little, nothing compared to the people in America, because no one dresses up here! I guess the movie theatre is where "la dolce vita" was filmed so i will be walking down those streets, if anyone knows that movie, i actually havent seen it! Well here are a couple of pictures of my adventures recently :) 
 the flowers at anzio! :)
 Stella's house by the sea in Santa Marinella :) so beautiful!
 Where i stayed for a few days on a lounge chair :)
 Stella, Edo, and I :)
 the Mercedes slk 250 that i rode in around Santa Marinella with Stella's cousin! :)
 Stella and I made tiramisu one day :)
 The lake we went to! It's called Martignano
The cute restaurant i talked about i :) 
Miss you all so much!! :) I will be seeing you soon :) 

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