Monday, July 11, 2011

Roma, Italia

My dearest followers, sorry I have not been able to update my blog very often, for I have been so so busy!! So on July 3rd, Stellas birthday, we went to Tivoli with her sister and her cousin lorenzo and saw these amazing villas! the first one we saw was Villa Gregoriano which was a roman style Villa that dated back to years before the romans! it was so beautiful and had so many amazing views of the wonderful city on top of the mountain, Tivoli! we walked down the valley and saw amazing waterfalls and a cave that was named after the mythological sirens :) it was an unbelievable site :) then we walked around Tivoli eating our cornettos (croissants) and saw an old car show! the cars were amazing and from the 1950's! so cute :) then we went to the next villa which was called Villa del Este and it was so beautiful! it looked like a palace and had even more amazing views of all of rome! :) it was incredible! here is a picture of the cars, then the view, then the waterfalls and the first villa :)

Then afterwards of course we got Gelato and then we arrived back at stella's house and prepared for her party! so many of her friends came (about 15) and i loved them all! they were all so funny and tried so hard to speak english to melinda, sally and i :)
July 4th, 2011
Today we went into Rome and saw the colleseum and the forum romano! they were incredible even though i had already seen them! its amazing because i get to see Rome in a whole new light from before :) The colleseum was magnificent and the forum romano was so much bigger than i remember! stella and her mom didnt come since they had already been there so much but melinda sally and i walked around and didnt get lost! so proud! :) then we met up for lunch and i finally got my toast :) i always ate that when i went to europe with my family :) it is just ham and cheese on a bread that is like toast! so yummy! then we went shopping for like 6 hours and i got clothes at H&M and Mango :) so good!
July 5th, 2011
We went into Rome again today and saw St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican City and then museum. St. peters was UNBELIEVABLE :) there were so many beautiful statues and paintings and i was in love :) at the Vatican we saw the sistine chapel which was amazing and we also saw a real mummy!! :) so cool :) then afterwards we found this amazing sandwich place and ordered it ourselves without stella! (she was at a seminar for a university she wanted to attend) and then we ate gelato... again :) and met up with edoardo! Then we travelled to Anzio with stella's best friend Anna and when we got there stella and anna made this delicious dinner of pasta, ham and melon, salad, bread, and wine! :) we stayed and talked after dinner for hours and it was so fun :)
July 6, 2011
We ventured to the beach at anzio today! it was such a paradise! :) you walked through shrubs and then down a little path and there was the beach and the meditteranean sea! :) so beautiful! we stayed there for about 5 hours, all of which i didnt put any sunscreen on, and i got so burnt on my entire body. i fell asleep and i had perfect tan lines because i didnt move at all. It was terrible. then my back got burnt later on because i didnt put sunscreen on again, and i had lines on my shoulder from where my hair was! and on my back i had a tan line from the string of my swimsuit! so embarrassing! sally's eyelids and her neck got burnt and melinda had random terrible burns on her legs, of course none of the italians got burnt! haha :) Then that night we made homemade pasta! all it is is a special kind of flour, salt, and water and you just mix it all together, flatten it, and then cut it into pasta noodles and cook it! we made it with pesto sauce and had salad with it and stayed up for hours talking again :)
July 7, 2011
Today we went to the pool first and it was so fun because they had slides and i didnt get burnt! haha :) then we headed to the beach and had a wonderful time there again! the water feels so good and it is so cool because it is so clear and you can see your body and the waves are fun to play in! :) then we went back to her house and stella and anna made an egg casserol thing with rice :) so yummy! basically the whole time we were in Anzio all we did was sunbath and eat :) my dreams came true! The next day we headed back to Olgiata (stella's hometown) and just lazed around all day and then sally and melinda left for hungary! :( it was so sad! we miss them already!
July 9, 2011
Today we went to stella's beach house in Santa Marinella with her parents and her sister :) it was even more beautiful than Anzio! all these places are so beautiful and so close to her house! the house was all white and stone and they had this amazing view of the ocean! it was heaven on earth :) we stayed there for two days and just sunbathed and ate all the time again :) Stella gave me a book to read so we did that and made bracelets. of course stella and i made matching bracelets because we are cute like that! Saturday night we went out to get pizza with Stella's cousin Lorenzo and a couple of his friends. Lorenzo came and met us before and we walked around by the beach and went to a few markets. and i arrived in a brand new mercedes slk 250!!! :) Lorenzo has a really nice BMW and he dressed up in a suit and went to the mercedes dealership and Rome and acted like he wanted to rent the mercedes to possibly buy and they let him have it for 4 days to test drive!!! so i got to ride in it, a convertible mercedes, through the streets of Santa Marinella! it was amazing! the make of the car was only 2 months old! I will have to put pictures of the car up later because i dont have them on my computer yet but it was unbelievable! :) then we went to the pizza place which was awesome becaues they just give you two choices of flavors, marinara or margherrita, and then you get HUGE pizzas and no plates or silverware and beer in huge mugs and you just eat with your hands! it was so fun and i ate so much, and of course afterwards we got gelato.. again! :) i have had way too much gelato here :)
July 11, 2011
Today Stella and I played tennis (part of our excersising program now we also ran yesterday) and i miss it so much! :) i played really well and stella did too even though she had a pain in her neck which we later found out is actually like a sprain and she is supposed to wear a neck brace (but she isnt) and stay at home (which she isnt) haha but we went to ikea and i got some things for my apartment and also a present for owen! :)
Anyways! thats a quick summary of all my days so far and i hope you enjoy :) there are so many more details and stories i can tell you all when i get back which is in only a week! :) miss you all so much and love you all so much :) Ti Voglio benne ;)
Yours truly,
Sandra :)

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