Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leaving For Italy

Today I leave for Rome, Italy for three weeks! I am traveling to Rome because my beautiful Italian Stallion Stella Lattanzi lives there and I am visiting her :) Here is a picture of us together from 3 years ago! (thats how long it has been since I have seen her face) 

I put this picture up because we played tennis together at Northwest and that is how we became such good friends :) I am sure we will be playing some tennis in Italy and that you guys will be hearing about it. 
I am currently sitting in the Mcdonald's section of the philadelphia airport with 2 more hours to go until I board my next plane.. basically I am bored out of my mind and am shaking with excitement! The airport is such an amazing place to people watch and find time for yourself. I have been listening to some amazing music and reading "For whom the bell tolls" by Ernest Hemingway.
Overall, thank you so much to my wonderful parents for allowing me to go on this trip. It will truly be the greatest trip of my life and I am so thankful :) 
More posts to come! from Rome!! :) 
Love, Sandra Tickles

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  1. Yay for blogs!! I'm excited to be able to see what you're doing in italy!